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This is the right place,
to bring the past,
into the future.

(Dya Nanga Now translates to Here And Now)

DyaNangaNow is a music project with members that have been making music for decades. (Click here for more info…)


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The Love I Found

This is the third single.

The song was written in the early ‘70s. It was only recently recorded.

There Was A Time

This is the second single.

The song was also written in the early ‘70s and recorded in 2019.

Wan Nyun Lanpe

This is the first single.

The lyrics are in Sranan.
Wan Nyun Lanpe
translates to
A New Port.


On an album by Kaperka, called 'Flight', there is a track featuring DyaNangaNow.

The name of the track is Bourbon.