There Was A Time

'Reflecting on past times'

This is the second single from DyaNangaNow. The previous single, called 'Wan Nyun Lanpe', was written in the late '90s when friends who used to make music in the late '60s and '70s met once again after migration had separated them for decades.

This single, called 'There Was A Time', is actually a song that was written years before the above mentioned migration.
Here the writers reflect on past times.

The feel of this production is like an actual live performance (although it was recorded in a studio). You can feel the "liveness" from the start of the track as the drummer steadily kicks off the tempo of the song with his hi-hat.

Unlike the first track's lyrics that were written in Sranan (a language of Suriname), this one is in English.

There are instrumental versions available of 'Wan Nyun Lanpe' and 'There Was A Time' for anyone who likes to listen to instrumentals.

Also check out GronTapu's YouTube channel where the videoclip is hosted. (opens in a new window)

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