Wan Nyun Lanpe

'Wan Nyun Lanpe' translates to 'A New Port'

This song is about how migrations can change peoples way of thinking and can cause those who used to be able to talk for hours on different topics to realize how much they have changed.

It was written by two friends who experienced this themselves. In their younger years they wrote a lot of music together and they could talk to each other for hours on different topics, on life, beautiful women and faith.

In 1978, one of them, like many others at that time, moved from Suriname to the Netherlands. The other stayed in Suriname. Life continued.

Years later, the friend living in Suriname went on vacation to the Netherlands. They soon noticed that they had changed a lot. The conversations didn't really run so smoothly anymore.

What they still had in common was the music. They then wrote "Wan Nyun Lanpe" that, when translated from Sranan, means "A New Port". 

The lyrics are in Sranan. Although the singer is not a Sranan speaker, he did a great job singing in that language.

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